Classic House Maintenance offer repairs to houses and office remodelling, Minor repairs and major reconstruction. Walls and ceilings should be smooth. The only way to achieve a flat surface is to hire a professional. Hiring a professional will save you money and time in the long run. If you rely mostly on DIY projects, the end results can be of inferior quality and will not last long. I stand over all work carried out.





Tiling jobs can get complicated depending on the size of project area. Consider removing any existing or old tiles you are no longer happy with. Not all people have enough knowledge in this kind of job and if you need an area retiling, you can trust that Brendan and his team to do it for you. Taking off the old tiles is relatively easy but you might want a professional hand with the rest of the job.





Classic House Maintenance believes installing a deck or patio in your garden can be as rejuvenating to your house as building a new room. Similarly making improvements to your garden by laying new turf or revamping an existing patio can open up your home, making it feel substantially larger, more social and more accommodating, particularly during the spring, summer and autumn. Just think of long summer days sitting on your decking looking at your new patio.